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EADH Day Abstract reference models to achieve collaboration across disciplines Abstract
Cesar Gonzalez-Perez, Patricia Martín-Rodilla
EADH Day Analysis and Recognition of Handwriten Music Scores and Pianola Rolls Abstract
Alicia Fornés, Josep Lladós, Jordi Roquer, Francesc Cortès
EADH Day Are international and national copyright laws a barrier for Digital Humanities? Abstract
Eva Moraga
EADH Day Can we fight the crisis of the Classics with a digital approach? Abstract
Alice Borgna
EADH Day Digital Games for Learning. A Palaeography project. Abstract
Leonor Zozaya Montes
EADH Day Digital Humanities at the National Library of the Netherlands Abstract
Lotte Wilms, Steven Claeyssens
EADH Day e-Foto Abstract
Rabea Rabea, Rabea Kleinman
Isabel Castelao-Gomez
EADH Day heureCLÉA - the nuts and bolts Abstract
Marco Petris, Thomas Bögel, Jannik Strötgen
Beatriz Garrido Ramos
EADH Day How can Digital Humanities facilitate productive, collaborative, supportive networks across borders for young, diverse researchers? “My life as a DiXiT Fellow: Gender, Multiculturalism, Mobility Abstract
Elli Bleeker, Merisa Martinez, Anna-Maria Sichani
EADH Day How does a DH curriculum make me ready for the job (market)? Abstract
Tanja Wissik, Susan Schreibman, Agiati Benardou, Claire Clivaz, Matej Ďurčo, Marianne Ping Huang, Stef Scagliola, Toma Tasovac, Meredith Dabek, Elisa Papaki, Marion Rivoal
EADH Day Ḥayy ibn Yaqẓān, “The Self-taught Philosopher”: a bilingual Arabic-Latin digital edition proposal. Abstract
Estrella Samba Campos
EADH Day I want XML-TEI but I only find HTML: the DH Situation for Spanish Texts Abstract
José Calvo Tello
EADH Day Introducing efoto: Providing Access to a living public culture! – Digital cultural heritage in Hamburg Abstract
Rabea Kleymann
EADH Day Joint competencies tasks Abstract
Alicia López Medina
EADH Day Metrical annotation of a large corpus of Spanish Golden Age Sonnets Abstract
Borja Navarro-Colorado, María Ribes-Lafoz, Noelia Sánchez, Sara Trigueros
EADH Day Play games for Learning. Digital Games to Reinforce Knowledge of Epigraphy. Abstract
Leonor Zozaya
EADH Day RoadAmico Culture your way Abstract
Lucia Binotti
EADH Day Some hints on the modelling and visualization at the DIMH Spanish Project Abstract
Ana García-Serrano, Ana Garcia-Serrano
EADH Day Towards a TEI model for the encoding of diplomatic charters: the charters of the County of Luna at the end of the Middle Ages. Abstract
Francisco Javier Álvarez Carbajal
EADH Day What can the Digital Humanities offer small linguistic and cultural communities? Abstract
Elisabeth Burr
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