Self-application of the CCP model among socio-labor counsel-2 ing professionals: Evaluation of the impact on their careers and 3 social sustainability actions

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This study evaluates the impact of the professional career construction model (CCP) on 11 the professional practice of counselors and the social sustainability actions put into play in their 12 professional performance. A mixed methodology featuring a predominantly qualitative approach 13 is used to examine the employment situation and professional development of this group. Forty-14 eight socio-labor counselors from the autonomous community of Andalusia (Spain) participated in 15 the self-application of the CCP model. Subsequently, a questionnaire was administered via a dis-16 cussion group. The data analysis combines descriptive and qualitative procedures with the support 17 of computer software. Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis and tri-18 angulation techniques are used as methodological integration strategies. The resulting data are dis-19 cussed, later presenting a series of limitations and prospective of the study. Relevant conclusions 20 are provided about the impact of the CCP model on the professional careers of counselors is drawn 21 based on their satisfaction with the self-application of the model, their career progression and em-22 ployment status, and their self-perceptions of the social impact of their counseling careers. These 23 conclusions highlight the implications of the study regarding promoting the sustainable careers of 24 socio-labor counselors, enhancing their initial and continuous training, and facilitating their occu-25 pational actions in a complex and constantly changing society.
This is a Submitted Manuscript of an article published by MDPI in "Sustainability 2023, 15 (12), 9621", available at:
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career development, socio-labor counselors, Andalusia, self-application, social impact, CCP model, sustainability, satisfaction, employability, reflection on counseling practice
Suárez Ortega, M.; Sánchez García, M.F.; Fernández García, A.; García Ripa, M.I. Self-Application of the CCP Model among Socio-Labor Counseling Professionals: Evaluation of the Impact on Their Careers and Social Sustainability Actions. Sustainability 2023, 15, 9621.
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