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Blanco, David, Rubio, Eva María, Sáenz de Pipaón, José Manuel y Marín, Marta M. . (2020) Thicknesses/Roughness Relationship in Mg-Al-Mg and Mg-Ti-Mg Hybrid Component Plates for Drilled Aeronautical Lightweight Parts.  6.72 35 10
Fernández, Daniel, Rodríguez Prieto, Álvaro y Camacho, Ana María . () Effect of Process Parameters and Definition of Favorable Conditions in Multi-Material Extrusion of Bimetallic AZ31B–Ti6Al4V Billets.  6.72 27 5
Timón-Reina, Santiago, Rincón, Mariano, Martínez Tomás, Rafael, Kirsebom, Bjørn-Eivind y Fladby, Tormod . (2023) A Knowledge Graph Framework for Dementia Research Data.  6.72 65 10
Pardo Abad, Carlos J. . (2019) Application of Digital Techniques in Industrial Heritage Areas and Building Efficient Management Models: Some Case Studies in Spain.  6.72 29 21
Rodríguez-Padial, Néstor, Marín, Marta M. y Domingo, Rosario . (2022) Assisted-Driven Design of Customized Maintenance Plans for Industrial Plants.  6.72 41 27
Tobarra, Llanos, Robles-Gómez, Antonio, Pastor, Rafael, Hernández, Roberto, Duque, Andrés y Cano, Jesús . (2020) Students’ Acceptance and Tracking of a New Container-Based Virtual Laboratory.  6.72 50 12
Filipa M.B., Lã y Fiuza, Mauro B. . (2022) Real-Time visual feedback in singing pedagogy: current trends and future directions.  6.72 75 36
Bayarri, Vicente, Castillo, Elena, Ripoll, Sergio y Sebastián, Miguel A. . (2021) Improved Application of Hyperspectral Analysis to Rock Art Panels from El Castillo Cave (Spain).  6.72 38 11
Bayarri, Vicente, Sebastián, Miguel A. y Ripoll, Sergio . (2019) Hyperspectral Imaging Techniques for the Study, Conservation and Management of Rock Art.  6.72 36 10
Imbernón Cuadrado, L.E., Manjarrés Riesco, Á. y de la Paz López, Félix . (2023) Using LSTM to Identify Help Needs in Primary School Scratch Students.  6.72 42 14
Hernández-del-Olmo, Félix, Gaudioso, Elena, Duro, Natividad, Dormido, Raquel y Gorrotxategi, Mikel . (2023) Advanced Control by Reinforcement Learning for Wastewater Treatment Plants: A Comparison with Traditional Approaches.  6.72 44 18
Tobarra, Llanos, Utrilla, Alejandro, Robles-Gómez, Antonio, Pastor-Vargas, Rafael y Hernández, Roberto . (2021) A Cloud Game-based Educative Platform Architecture: the CyberScratch Project.  6.72 61 17
Francisco Cuesta, Camacho, Ana María y Rubio, Eva María . (2023) Influence of the Main Blown Film Extrusion Process Parameters on the Mechanical Properties of a High-Density Polyethylene Hexene Copolymer and Linear Low-Density Polyethylene Butene Copolymer Blend Used for Plastic Bags.  6.72 39 30
Pintos Gómez de las Heras, Borja, Martínez Tomás, Rafael y Cuadra Troncoso, José Manuel . (2023) Self-Learning Robot Autonomous Navigation with Deep Reinforcement Learning Techniques.  6.72 43 16