Early chilhood education in Sweden : the market curriculum 200-2013?

O’Dowd, Mina . (2013) Early chilhood education in Sweden : the market curriculum 200-2013?. Revista española de educación comparada (21), 2013, p.85-117. ISSN: 1137-8654

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Título Early chilhood education in Sweden : the market curriculum 200-2013?
Autor(es) O’Dowd, Mina
Materia(s) Educación
Resumen Early childhood education in Sweden has long had an international reputation for being a systemic and integrated approach to children’s needs, a family model of preschool centers and an interest in the holistic development and well-being of children. However, traces of this reputable past are hard to discern today as the neo-liberal agenda for education that is infl uencing education around the world has impacted Sweden. The changes in Sweden, however, have successively occurred since the 1980s, due to the failure of the Swedish economy to provide the necessary surplus to support the extensive social and welfare reforms that previously gave Sweden its international reputation. The effects of the neo-liberal agenda along with the reforms implemented by the Social Democratic government and the Conservative government have had and continue to have an impact on early childhood education in Sweden. As more and more governments are faced with economic problems, the case of Sweden and the measures taken by both the Social Democrats and the Conservative parties over the last few decades make a study of the Swedish reforms of early childhood education relevant and interesting for other countries. In this article early childhood education in Sweden will be presented and discussed from a historical and a conceptual perspective, focusing on its objectives and features and explaining the shifts make by political parties vis-à-vis early childhood education in Sweden.
Palabras clave early childhood education
history of education
educational reform
educación infantil
historia de la educación
reforma educativa
Editor(es) Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (España) y Sociedad Española de Educación Comparada
Fecha 2013-01-01
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DOI - identifier 10.5944/reec.21.2013.7616
Publicado en la Revista Revista española de educación comparada (21), 2013, p.85-117. ISSN: 1137-8654
Idioma eng
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