Postmodernity and the university

Scott, Peter . (2012) Postmodernity and the university. Revista española de educación comparada (20), 2012, p.81-108. ISSN: 1137-8654

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Título Postmodernity and the university
Autor(es) Scott, Peter
Materia(s) Educación
Resumen The utility of post-modernism as an interpretative framework for understanding the development of contemporary higher education systems is sharply contested. Critics argue that post-modernism is, at best, a set of ideas in aesthetics, literature and critical theory with limited relevance outside these domains and, at worst, a passing intellectual fashion that is now out-of-date. However, post-modernity —or, as some would prefer, late modernity or ‘fluid’ modernity — is perhaps a more useful idea. In 21stcentury society there are a number of trends, some structural such as the growth of a knowledge-based economy and development of new patterns of knowledge production; and some conceptual such as the reconfiguration of time and space and the recognition of ‘difference’ (and risk?) as key factor in the constitution of social life (and individual identity), which have a direct impact on the university. This impact is felt in two ways — first, the university is a primary engine of these transformations. Secondly, the university is shaped by these transformations (both normatively and cognitively in terms of teaching and research and structurally in terms of its organisational characteristics, governance and management)
Palabras clave post-modernism
knowledge society
knowledge production
sociedad del conocimiento
producción del conocimiento
Editor(es) Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (España) y Sociedad Española de Educación Comparada
Fecha 2012-09-22
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Cobertura 81
DOI - identifier 10.5944/reec.20.2012.7594
Publicado en la Revista Revista española de educación comparada (20), 2012, p.81-108. ISSN: 1137-8654
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