How useful is "Grammar Checker"? A case study

Bachani Pardasani, Purwa Vasdev. (2016). How useful is "Grammar Checker"? A case study Master Thesis, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (España). Facultad de Filología

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Título How useful is "Grammar Checker"? A case study
Autor(es) Bachani Pardasani, Purwa Vasdev
Abstract Writing has always been an arduous task for our students. It has always enjoyed a high profile in the English classroom, the greater part of evaluation based on it, but it is the skill least practised due to the limitations in time in the classroom. If we compare written language to oral language, we can appreciate that the main difference is that writing is permanent and can be redrafted whereas oral communication is ephemeral and spontaneous. Written language has a deliberate plan and a purpose and therefore students are taught the different structures for a descriptive, narrative, expository, dialogic or argumentative text. Unlike oral communication, written language is unilateral and non-reciprocal so this means that the writer needs to anticipate problems or difficulties for a presumed reader as there is no negotiation of meaning. To clarify meaning, and to guarantee the integrity of the message, organisational devices need to be used such as “firstly”, “secondly”, “moreover” and “in conclusion”.
Notas adicionales Trabajo de Fin de Máster. Máster Universitario en Lingüística Inglesa Aplicada
Materia(s) Filología
Editor(es) Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (España). Facultad de Filología
Director/Tutor Lawley, James (Tutor)
Fecha 2016-03-16
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