Smart Contracts for Managing the Chain-of-Custody of Digital Evidence: A Practical Case of Study

Santamaría, Pablo, Tobarra, Llanos, Pastor-Vargas, Rafael y Robles-Gómez, Antonio . (2023) Smart Contracts for Managing the Chain-of-Custody of Digital Evidence: A Practical Case of Study. Smart Cities, 6(2), 709-727

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Título Smart Contracts for Managing the Chain-of-Custody of Digital Evidence: A Practical Case of Study
Autor(es) Santamaría, Pablo
Tobarra, Llanos
Pastor-Vargas, Rafael
Robles-Gómez, Antonio
Materia(s) Ingeniería Informática
Resumen The digital revolution is renewing many aspects of our lives, which is also a challenge in judicial processes, such as the Chain-of-Custody (CoC) process of any electronic evidence. A CoC management system must be designed to guarantee them to maintain its integrity in court. This issue is essential for digital evidence’s admissibility and probative value. This work has built and validated a real prototype to manage the CoC process of any digital evidence. Our technological solution follows a process model that separates the evidence registry and any evidence itself for scalability purposes. It includes the development of an open-source smart contract under Quorum, a version of Ethereum oriented to private business environments. The significant findings of our analysis have been: (1) Blockchain networks can become a solution, where integrity, privacy and traceability must be guaranteed between untrustworthy parties; and (2) the necessity of promoting the standardization of CoC smart contracts with a secure, simple process logic. Consequently, these contracts should be deployed in consortium environments, where reliable, independent third parties validate the transactions without having to know their content.
Palabras clave Blockchain
Smart Contracts
Chain-of-Custody (CoC)
Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP)
Ethereum; Quorum
Editor(es) MDPI
Fecha 2023
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Identificador bibliuned:DptoSCC-ETSI-Articulos-Arobles-006
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ISSN - identifier 2624-6511
Nombre de la revista Smart Cities
Número de Volumen 6
Número de Issue 2
Página inicial 709
Página final 727
Publicado en la Revista Smart Cities, 6(2), 709-727
Idioma eng
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