Syntactic expectancy: an event-related potentials study

José A. Hinojosa, Moreno, Eva M., Casado, Pilar, Muñoz, Francisco y Pozo, Miguel A. . (2005) Syntactic expectancy: an event-related potentials study. Neuroscience Letters

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Título Syntactic expectancy: an event-related potentials study
Autor(es) José A. Hinojosa
Moreno, Eva M.
Casado, Pilar
Muñoz, Francisco
Pozo, Miguel A.
Materia(s) Psicología
Abstract Although extensive work has been conducted in order to study expectancies about semantic information, little effort has been dedicated to the study of the influence of expectancies in the processing of forthcoming syntactic information. The present study tries to examine the issue by presenting participants with grammatically correct sentences of two types. In the first type the critical word of the sentence belonged to the most expected word category type on the basis of the previous context (an article following a verb). In the second sentence type, the critical word was an unexpected but correct word category (an article following an adjective) when a verb is highly expected. Event-related potentials (ERPs) were measured to critical words in both sentence types. Brain waves evoked by the correct but syntactically unexpected word revealed the presence of a negativity with a central distribution around 300–500 ms after stimuli onset, an N400, that was absent in the case of syntactically expected words. No differences were present in previous time windows. These results support models that differentiate between the processing of expected and unexpected syntactic structures.
Palabras clave Event-related potentials
Syntactic processing
Recognition potential
Editor(es) Elsevier
Fecha 2005-04-11
Formato application/pdf
Identificador bibliuned:DptoPEyE-FPSI-Articulos-Emoreno-0015
DOI - identifier 10.1016/j.neulet.2004.12.010
ISSN - identifier 0304-3940
Nombre de la revista Neuroscience Letters
Número de Volumen 378
Número de Issue 1
Página inicial 34
Página final 39
Publicado en la Revista Neuroscience Letters
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