A data driven approach for person name disambiguation in web search results

Delgado, Agustín D., Martínez, Raquel, Víctor Fresno, Víctor y Montalvo, Soto(2014) .A data driven approach for person name disambiguation in web search results. .En: . ()

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Titulo A data driven approach for person name disambiguation in web search results
Autor(es) Delgado, Agustín D.
Martínez, Raquel
Víctor Fresno, Víctor
Montalvo, Soto
Notas adicionales The 25th International Conference on Computational Linguistics (COLING 2014) Dublin, Ireland, August 23-29, 2014
Materia(s) Informática
Abstract This paper presents an unsupervised approach for the task of clustering the results of a search engine when the query is a person name shared by different individuals. We propose an algorithm that calculates the number of clusters and establishes the groups of web pages according to the different individuals without the need to any training data or predefined thresholds, as the successful state of the art systems do. In addition, most of those systems do not deal with social media web pages and their performance could fail in a real scenario. In this paper we also propose a heuristic method for the treatment of social networking profiles. Our approach is compared with four gold standard collections for this task obtaining really competitive results, comparable to those obtained by some approaches with supervision.
Fecha 2014-08-23
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