Models used to characterise blockchain features. A systematic literature review and bibliometric analysis

Rico-Peña, Juan Jesús, Arguedas-Sanz, Raquel y López-Martín, Carmen . (2023) Models used to characterise blockchain features. A systematic literature review and bibliometric analysis. Technovation, 123 (2023)

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Título Models used to characterise blockchain features. A systematic literature review and bibliometric analysis
Autor(es) Rico-Peña, Juan Jesús
Arguedas-Sanz, Raquel
López-Martín, Carmen
Materia(s) Economía
Abstract Blockchain has emerged as an innovative technology with potential to transform business management, through operational efficiency improvements. Nevertheless, several performance and vulnerability issues have been identified for the different typologies supporting the wide range of blockchain-based applications currently implemented in different domains. A variety of analytical and empirical models are being used to evaluate the issues associated with the different blockchain typologies, enabling systematic analyses of the corresponding efficiency impact, and technical or economic threats. A thorough systematic literature review of these models has been performed, followed by a detailed assessment on the way these models have been employed, and the target parameters and applications evaluated (336 research selected and analysed). We propose a co-classification of these models, allowing us to identify which ones are employed to a greater extent to address the different blockchain issues in scientific research. In a second step, a bibliometric analysis on the selected research is conducted, offering a complementary overview of the status of and trends in blockchain modelling, including the most prolific authors and leading contributing countries to the topic. The main outcome and contribution of the paper is the provision of a broad overview on how blockchain issues have been analytically tackled, through the synthesis and meta-analysis of the models used in the scientific literature since the inception of blockchain technology. The results have two main direct applications, firstly supporting novel vulnerability and performance analyses of existing blockchain applications by providing historical information on the models used so far, as well as the key parameters and typology of the blockchain-based applications evaluated. Secondly, in the implementation of new applications, by allowing the recognition of key issues identified that are associated with the different blockchain typologies and to determine the most suitable models to analyse the weaknesses and risks of the alternative designs under evaluation for these new implementations.
Palabras clave Blockchain
Markov chain
Directed graph
Machine learning
Game theory
Editor(es) Elsevier
Fecha 2023-05-01
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Nombre de la revista Technovation
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