The relationship of vulnerable financial consumers with banking institutions. A qualitative study in Spain

Cuesta, Marta de la, Paredes Gázquez, Juan Diego, Ruza, Cristina y Fernández Olit, Beatriz . (2021) The relationship of vulnerable financial consumers with banking institutions. A qualitative study in Spain. Geoforum 119, (2021)

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Título The relationship of vulnerable financial consumers with banking institutions. A qualitative study in Spain
Autor(es) Cuesta, Marta de la
Paredes Gázquez, Juan Diego
Ruza, Cristina
Fernández Olit, Beatriz
Materia(s) Economía
Abstract The financial exclusion phenomenon has been approached from different perspectives. After reviewing the recent literature, we adopt a financial ecology approach and propose a comprehensive framework to analyze the different types of difficulties (access, use and perception) that vulnerable financial consumers face in relationships with banking institutions as well as their underlying causes. We consider financial inclusion as the sustainable provision of financial services and products and an adjustment to individual needs. We examine a special group of urban vulnerable consumers: underbanked people facing poverty and social exclusion. Data were obtained from focus groups and were coded and analysed using qualitative data analysis software. The results show that use difficulties predominate, followed by perception difficulties. Bank pressure and lack of financial training stood out among the main causes of these financial difficulties. We conclude that poorer neighborhoods constitute a distinctive financial ecology produced by the ‘discrimination’ of a significant number of their inhabitants in the use of mainstream financial services. The study provides evidence of the socio-spatial nature of the exclusion process and calls for further research on the role of policies responses to restrict abusive practices
Palabras clave financial exclusion
financial ecology
vulnerable consumer
discourse analysis
financial capability
Editor(es) Elsevier Science
Fecha 2021-02
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Publicado en la Revista Geoforum 119, (2021)
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