Monitoring of chlorophylls during the maturation stage of plums by multivariate calibration of RGB data from digital images

Domínguez Manzano, Jaime, Monago Maraña, Olga, Muñoz de la Peña, Arsenio y Durán Merás, Isabel . (2022) Monitoring of chlorophylls during the maturation stage of plums by multivariate calibration of RGB data from digital images. Chemosensors (2023), 11, 9-20

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Título Monitoring of chlorophylls during the maturation stage of plums by multivariate calibration of RGB data from digital images
Autor(es) Domínguez Manzano, Jaime
Monago Maraña, Olga
Muñoz de la Peña, Arsenio
Durán Merás, Isabel
Materia(s) Ciencias
Abstract The methodology developed in this study was based on digital imaging processing of plums harvested in eight different weeks during their ripening process. Mean RGB data, histograms, and matrices of RGB data were used to characterise the ripening stage of the plums, in both qualitative and quantitative approaches, by using classification and quantification chemometric methods. An exploratory analysis of data was performed using principal component analysis (PCA) and parallel factor analysis (PARAFAC) in RGB histograms and matrices data, respectively, showing differences in the colour features since the fourth week of harvesting. In the case of the quantitative approach, high correlation was achieved between the histogram data, using partial least squares (PLS), and total chlorophyll content. In addition, between three-way matrixes and total chlorophyll content, good correlations were obtained applying unfolded-PLS (U-PLS) and N-way-PLS (N-PLS). The most accurate results were obtained on the green channel. Analytical parameters obtained were good, with determination coefficients (R2) higher than 0.91 for all models in the first and second-order multivariate analysis. In addition, relative errors of prediction (REPs) were lower than 12% in all models for the green channel. Therefore, the proposed method was a satisfactory alternative to destructive physiological and biochemical methods in the determination of total chlorophylls in plum samples. In the routine analysis, first-order multivariate calibration with PLS analysis is a good option due to the simplicity of data processing.
Palabras clave digital images
multivariate calibration
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