Sintolab: the REPSOL-YPF PID tuning tool

González-Martín, R., López, I., Morilla García, Fernando y Pastor Vargas, Rafael . (2003) Sintolab: the REPSOL-YPF PID tuning tool. Control Engineering Practice 11 (2003) 1469–1480

Título Sintolab: the REPSOL-YPF PID tuning tool
Autor(es) González-Martín, R.
López, I.
Morilla García, Fernando
Pastor Vargas, Rafael
Palabras clave distributed control systems
industrial control
PID tuning
process parameter estimation
software tools
Editor(es) Pergamon - Elsevier, Control Engineering Practice 11 (2003) 1469–1480
Fecha 2003-01-01
Identificador bibliuned:800
Publicado en la Revista Control Engineering Practice 11 (2003) 1469–1480
Idioma eng
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Tipo de recurso Article
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Notas adicionales This paper describes a tuning tool for PID controllers. What makes this tool different to others available in the market is: (a) its ability to model the most important load disturbances, (b) its wide range of tuning methods that cover two types of specifications (features of time responses and features of frequency responses), (c) its possibilities in order to import or export data and to determine the more adequate control parameters exportable to the distributed control system. The calculated MISO model enables an improved tuning of the PID loop, both for the servo and regulatory cases. This is of special interest in the Petrochemical Industry where most of the PID controllers have a fixed design criterion, load disturbances rejection or setpoint following, like in model predictive control applications. This tool, which combines direct experience in the industry with the solid theoretical knowledge of a group of university researchers, is already being widely used in all the REPSOL-YPF refineries and some of its petrochemical industrial complexes.

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