Virtual lab for teaching greenhouse climatic control

Guzmán Sánchez, José Luis, Rodríguez F., Berenguel M. y Dormido Bencomo, Sebastián . (2005) Virtual lab for teaching greenhouse climatic control. IFAC

Título Virtual lab for teaching greenhouse climatic control
Autor(es) Guzmán Sánchez, José Luis
Rodríguez F.
Berenguel M.
Dormido Bencomo, Sebastián
Materia(s) Informática
Palabras clave control education
laboratory education
Editor(es) IFAC
Fecha 2005-01-01
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Identificador Guzman_etal_C6_2005
Publicado en la Revista IFAC
Idioma eng
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Notas adicionales This work presents a virtual lab for teaching greenhouse climatic control. The objective of this kind of tools is to help the students using consolidated research works in a straightforward way. Particularly, the tool developed in this article consists on a structured graphic screen allowing the access to a full greenhouse climate model with a collection of specific controllers, in such a way that the students can put into practice the knowledge acquired in the theoretical lessons without space-temporal constraints.

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