An interactive approach to template generation in QFT methodology

Díaz Martínez, José Manuel, Dormido Bencomo, Sebastián y Aranda Almansa, Joaquín . (2007) An interactive approach to template generation in QFT methodology. RIAI

Título An interactive approach to template generation in QFT methodology
Autor(es) Díaz Martínez, José Manuel
Dormido Bencomo, Sebastián
Aranda Almansa, Joaquín
Materia(s) Informática
Resumen The calculation of templates associated with plant uncertainty at some frequencies is one of the first steps in the design of robust controllers using the Quantitative Feedback Theory (QFT) methodology. If the QFT designer does not correctly calculate the templates, the design will be unnecessarily conservative, or erroneous. This paper describes the main features of Template Interactive Generator (TIG), a new free software tool which calculates the templates of plants with special parameter dependencies, such as interval plants; and plants with affine parametric uncertainty. The paper also includes two examples which illustrate the ease of use and the strong interactivity of TIG.
Palabras clave Quantitative feedback theory (QFT)
Control Systems
Robust control
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Fecha 2007-11-16
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