"Informal Infrastructure" of Prototyping: Practicing Organisation by Performing Materiality

Fernández García, Sandra y Sánchez Valle, Francisco . (2022) "Informal Infrastructure" of Prototyping: Practicing Organisation by Performing Materiality. Somatechnics

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Título "Informal Infrastructure" of Prototyping: Practicing Organisation by Performing Materiality
Autor(es) Fernández García, Sandra
Sánchez Valle, Francisco
Materia(s) Antropología
Abstract In recent years, sheltered by the so-called ‘ontological turn’ in the social sciences, organisational analysis has paid special attention to artefacts. Nevertheless, there is still a dominant account grounded in a dichotomist view of the subject-object relationship either in teleological (mind-body) or in hylomorfic (form-matter) terms when analysing organising practices. On the contrary, our argument is based on nondualistic approaches in an attempt to foreground relational aspects of practices. From a practice-based approach, the article addresses the role of three ‘prototypes’ aimed at the management of the ‘air’ by citizenship, in the reconfiguration of bodies, technics and ethical-political engagement. Specifically, it focuses on the normative dimensions of organising by which knowledges, materials and values converge in the open-ended process of prototyping. The argument is deployed by relying on qualitative research based on multi-sited ethnographic fieldwork, developed both at different workshops and by online ethnography. The main aim of the article is to show how bodies and artefacts are mutually in/trans/formed when negotiating the social implications for the ontological category of ‘air’. In doing so, the concept of ‘informal infrastructure’ is proposed to account for those practices (which appear somewhat contingent, mundane or, at best, taken for granted) by which agents do not only commit to a particular ethical implication embedded in the category of ‘air’, as a symbolic result, but also to distinctive ways of practicing organisation as a political process of performing materiality. To this end, adopting the analytical concept of ‘informal infrastructure’ allows to simultaneously consider both the formal and informal aspects that emerge in these collaboration-driven practices, as well as to address their effects on the maintenance within and expansion into other networks.
Palabras clave ‘informal infrastructure’
ethnography of infrastructure
organising practices
Editor(es) Edinburgh University Press
Fecha 2022-12-01
Formato application/pdf
Identificador bibliuned:500383-Articulos-Sfernandez-0001
DOI - identifier https://doi.org/10.3366/soma.2022.0386
ISSN - identifier 2044-0146
Nombre de la revista Somatechnics
Número de Volumen 12
Número de Issue 3
Página inicial 162
Página final 184
Publicado en la Revista Somatechnics
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Notas adicionales This is an Accepted Manuscript of an article published by Edinburgh University Press in "Somatechnics Vol. 12, Issue 3" in Dec 2022, available at: https://doi.org/10.3366/soma.2022.0386
Notas adicionales Este es el manuscrito aceptado del artículo publicado por Edinburgh University Press en "Somatechnics Vol. 12, número 3" en Diciembre de 2022, disponible en línea: https://doi.org/10.3366/soma.2022.0386

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