The City in a Quarter: An Urban Village with Many Names

Monge, Fernando . (2016) The City in a Quarter: An Urban Village with Many Names. Urbanities. Journal of Urban Ethnography, 6 (1), 57-72

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Título The City in a Quarter: An Urban Village with Many Names
Autor(es) Monge, Fernando
Materia(s) Antropología
Abstract Malasaña is an old neighbourhood of Madrid, a quarter with character, though with many denominations. To most Madrilenians, as well as to the hipsters who live there and to tourists, the quarter is known as Malasaña. For older, retired residents of modest means it is Maravillas. Yet, its official, and least known, name is Universidad. Whatever its name, this neighbourhood is not just home to a large variety of small shops, old and new, traditional and hipster, to mainstream franchises on its fringes and small, specialized commercial spaces, old bars many without charm and innovative ones in old buildings; Malasaña is what Jane Jacobs (1961) would call an Urban Village. This article has two main goals: to show how, while maintaining some old charms, the urban village of Malasaña has been reconfigured by the new micro cultures of alternative groups, creative classes, hipsters and visiting suburbanites. It also intends to show how this bottom-up transformation connects with global trends found elsewhere. There are two major dynamic drives in this neighbourhood; one from within — the traditional, old quarter with a distinctive mix of population, the other from without — the transient (but key) inhabitants of the current service-oriented urban realm, mostly youth from other areas of the city and the suburbs and tourists. As a metropolis, Madrid is a good example of emergent practices related to the social, cultural and economic dimensions that reshape a vital, singular place of the old city. It is also a good case study in dealing with the global and local processes that shape the contemporary city.
Palabras clave Madrid
urban centrality and regeneration
Madrilenian Scene (la movida)
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Nombre de la revista Urbanities. Journal of Urban Ethnography
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Publicado en la Revista Urbanities. Journal of Urban Ethnography, 6 (1), 57-72
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