Centralized PID Control by Decoupling for TITO Processes

Morilla, Fernado, Vázquez, Francisco y Garrido Jurado, Juan . (2008) Centralized PID Control by Decoupling for TITO Processes. IEE

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Título Centralized PID Control by Decoupling for TITO Processes
Autor(es) Morilla, Fernado
Vázquez, Francisco
Garrido Jurado, Juan
Resumen This paper presents a new methodology to design multivariable PID controllers for two-input and twooutput systems. The proposed control strategy, which is centralized, combines four PID controllers plus two possible delays and two P controllers. The proportional gains in the P controllers act as tuning parameters in order to modify the behavior of the loops almost independently. The design procedure consists of three steps: first, an ideal decoupler including integral action is determined. Second, the decoupler is approximated with four PID controllers plus two possible delays. Third, the proportional gains are tuned to achieve the specified performance. The proposed method is applied to three representative processes.
Palabras clave centralized
TITO Processes
Fecha 2008-10-14
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Identificador 2008_CPID_ETFA08
Publicado en la Revista IEE
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