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Montes, M.J., Abbas, Rubén, Barbero, Rubén y Rovira, Antonio . (2022) A new design of multi-tube receiver for Fresnel technology to increase the thermal performance. 35  
Montes, M.J., Guedez, R., Linares, J.I. y Reyes-Belmonte, M.A. . (2023) Advances in solar thermal power plants based on pressurised central receivers and supercritical power cycles. 50  
D’Souza, D., Montes, M.J., Romero, M. y González-Aguilar, J. . (2023) Energy and exergy analysis of microchannel central solar receivers for pressurised fluids. 46 7
Barucca, L., Hering, B., Perez Martin, S., Bubelis, E., Del Nevo, A., Di Prinzio, M., Caramello, M., D'Alessandro, A., Tarallo, A., Vallone, A., Moscato, I., Quartararo, A., D'amico, S., Giannetti, F., Lorusso, P., Narcisi, V., Ciurluini, C., Montes Pita, M.J. y Sánchez, C. . (2022) Maturation of Critical Technologies for the DEMO Balance of Plant Systems. 44 4
Montes, M.J., Stojceska, V., Reay, D. y Ibarra, M. . (2023) Proposal of a microchannel receiver for Fresnel technology to supply solar heat for industrial processes. 26  
Montes, M.J., Guédez, R., D'Souza, D., Linares, J.I., González-Aguilar, J. y Romero, M. . (2023) Proposal of a new design of central solar receiver for pressurised gases and supercritical fluids. 29