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Duque, Andrés, Fabregat, Hermenegildo, Araujo, Lourdes y Martinez-Romo, Juan . (2021) A keyphrase-based approach for interpretable ICD-10 code classification of Spanish medical reports. 41 5
Martínez-Romo, Juan and Araujo, Lourdes(2011) .Analyzing information retrieval methods to recover broken web links. .En: . () 617 214
Araujo, Lourdes and Merelo, Juan Julián . (2009) Automatic detection of trends in time-stamped sequences : an evolutionary approach. 651 376
Araujo, Lourdes, López-Ostenero, Fernando, Martínez-Romo, Juan y Plaza, Laura . (2020) Deep-Learning Approach to Educational Text Mining and Application to the Analysis of Topics’ Difficulty. 50 7
Martínez-Romo, Juan and Araujo, Lourdes . (2013) Detecting malicious tweets in trending topics using a statistical analysis of language. 597 2836
Araujo, Lourdes, Martinez‑Romo, Juan, Bisbal, Otilia, Sanchez‑de‑Madariaga, Ricardo y The Cohort of the National AIDS Network (CoRIS) . (2022) Discovering HIV related information by means of association rules and machine learning. 38 3
Rodriguez-Prieto, Oscar, Araujo, Lourdes y Martínez-Romo, Juan . (2019) Discovering related scientific literature beyond semantic similarity: a new co-citation approach. 51 3
Martinez-Romo, Juan, Araujo, Lourdes, Borge-Holthoefer, Javier, Arenas, Alex, Capitán, José A. and Cuesta, José A. . (2011) Disentangling categorical relationships through a graph of co-occurrences. 610 232
Santamaría, Jesús and Araujo, Lourdes(2010) .Identifying patterns for unsupervised grammar induction. .En: . () 398 52
Fabregat, Hermenegildo, Duque, Andrés, Martinez-Romo, Juan y Araujo, Lourdes . (2023) Negation-based transfer learning for improving biomedical Named Entity Recognition and Relation Extraction. 29 8
Sánchez-de-Castro-Fernández, Alejandro, Araujo, Lourdes y Martinez-Romo, Juan . (2023) RoBERTime: un nuevo modelo para la detección de expresiones temporales en español. 50 10
Sánchez‑de‑Madariaga, Ricardo, Martinez‑Romo, Juan, Cantero Escribano, José Miguel y Araujo, Lourdes . (2022) Semi‑supervised incremental learning with few examples for discovering medical association rules. 39 9
Araujo, Lourdes, Zaragoza, Hugo, Pérez-Agüera, Jose R. and Pérez-Iglesias, Joaquín(2009) .Structure of morphologically expanded queries : a genetic algorithm approach. .En: . () 563 387
Araujo, Lourdes and Martínez-Romo, Juan . (2010) Web spam detection : new classification features based on qualified link analysis and language models. 554 588