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Valero, Enrique, Adán, Antonio and Cerrada, Carlos . (2012) Automatic method for building indoor boundary models from dense point clouds collected by laser scanners.  4.87 518 230
Valero, Enrique, Adán, Antonio and Cerrada, Carlos . (2012) Automatic Construction of 3D Basic-Semantic Models of Inhabited Interiors Using Laser Scanners and RFID Sensors.  4.87 537 418
Duque Domingo, Jaime, Cerrada, Carlos, Valero, Enrique y Cerrada, Jose A. . (2017) An Improved Indoor Positioning System Using RGB-D Cameras and Wireless Networks for Use in Complex Environments.  4.07 22 5
Fernández Amorós, David José, Heradio Gil, Rubén, Cerrada, Jose A. y Cerrada, Carlos . (2014) A scalable approach to exact model and commonality counting for extended feature models..  3.27 695 402
Abad, Ismael, Cerrada, Carlos, Cerrada, Jose A., Heradio Gil, Rubén y Valero, Enrique . (2012) Managing RFID sensors networks with a general purpose RFID middleware.  3.27 602 269
Heradio Gil, Rubén, Fernández Amorós, David José, Cerrada, José A. y Cerrada, Carlos . (2011) Supporting commonality-based analysis of software product lines.  3.27 627 622