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Ruiz Fabo, Pablo, Martínez Cantón, Clara Isabel y Calvo Tello, José(2018) .DISCO: Diachronic Spanish Sonnet Corpus. .En: Colonia (Germany). ()  2.77 192 69
Ruiz Fabo, Pablo, Martínez Cantón, Clara Isabel y Poibeau, Thierry(2017) .Distant Rhythm: Automatic Enjambment Detection on Four Centuries of Spanish Sonnets. .En: Montreal (Canada). ()  2.60 145 28
Ruiz Fabo, Pablo, Martínez Cantón, Clara Isabel, Poibeau, Thierry y González-Blanco García, Elena(2017) .Enjambment Detection in a Large Diachronic Corpus of Spanish Sonnets. .En: Vancouver (Canada). ()  2.60 215 96
Ruiz Fabo, Pablo, Bermúdez Sabel, Helena, Martínez Cantón, Clara Isabel, González-Blanco García, Elena y Navarro Colorado, Borja(2018) .The Diachronic Spanish Sonnet Corpus (DISCO): TEI and Linked Open Data Encoding, Data Distribution and Metrical Findings. .En: México DF (México). ()  2.53 138 98
Martínez Cantón, Clara Isabel, Ruiz Fabo, Pablo, González-Blanco García, Elena y Poibeau, Thierry(2017) .Automatic enjambment detection as a new source of evidence in Spanish versification. .En: Basel (Switzerland). ()  2.27 416 53