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Montes, M.J., Guedez, R., Linares, J.I. y Reyes-Belmonte, M.A. . (2023) Advances in solar thermal power plants based on pressurised central receivers and supercritical power cycles.  5.75 50  
Rovira, Antonio, Sánchez, Consuelo, Montes, María José y Muñoz Domínguez, Marta . (2019) Proposal of optimized power cycles for the DEMO power plant (EUROfusion).  5.66 39 11
Rovira, Antonio, Abbas, Rubén, Sánchez, Consuelo y Muñoz Domínguez, Marta . (2020) Proposal and analysis of an integrated solar combined cycle with partial recuperation..  5.62 37 6
Rovira, Antonio, Barbero, Rubén, Montes, María José, Abbas, Rubén y Varela, Fernando . (2015) Analysis and comparison of Integrated Solar Combined Cycles using parabolic troughs and linear Fresnel reflectors as concentrating systems.  5.62 47 6
Rovira, Antonio, Barbero, Rubén, Ortega, Guillermo, Subires, Antonio y Muñoz Domínguez, Marta . (2023) Towards high solar contribution in hybrid CSP-combined cycle gas turbine plants.  5.58 64 10