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González-Blanco García, Elena, Río, María Gimena del y Martínez Cantón, Clara Isabel(2016) .Linked open data to represent multilingual poetry collections. A proposal to solve interoperability issues between poetic repertoires. .En: Portorož (Slovenia). ()  3.91 537 223
González-Blanco García, Elena(2016) .TEIScribe: A graphic tool for composing and testing TEI documents in the context of the EVI-LINHD environment. .En: Viena (Austria). ()  3.79 648 87
Hovy, Dirk, Zhang, Chunliang, Hovy, Eduard H. y Peñas, Anselmo(2011) .Unsupervised discovery of domain-specific knowledge from text. .En: . ()  3.79 199 81
Curado Malta, Mariana, González-Blanco García, Elena, Martínez Cantón, Clara Isabel y Rio Riande, Gimena del(2016) .Digital repertoires of poetry metrics: towards a Linked Open Data ecosystem. .En: Göttingen (Germany). ()  3.75 720 73
González-Blanco García, Elena, Manailescu, Mara y Ros, Salvador(2016) .From syllables, lines and stanzas to linked open data: standardization, interoperability and multilingual challenges for digital humanities. .En: Salamanca. ()  3.75 660 121
Martínez-Romo, Juan and Araujo, Lourdes(2011) .Analyzing information retrieval methods to recover broken web links. .En: . ()  3.75 320 124