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Sainz, Mario, Martínez, Rocío, Rodríguez-Bailón, Rosa y Moya, Miguel . (2019) Where Does the Money Come From? Humanizing High Socioeconomic Status Groups Undermines Attitudes Toward Redistribution.  6.79 35 6
Sainz, Mario y Jiménez-Moya, Gloria . (2023) Group Dominance, System Justification, and Hostile Classism: The Ideological Roots of the Perceived Socioeconomic Humanity Gap That Upholds the Income Gap.  6.74 70 32
Sainz, Mario, Martínez, Rocío, Moya, Miguel y Rodríguez-Bailón, Rosa . (2019) Animalizing the disadvantaged, mechanizing the wealthy: The convergence of socio-economic status and attribution of humanity.  6.68 63 18
Caballero , Amparo, Itziar, Fernández Sedano, Aguilar, Pilar, Muñoz, Dolores y Carrera, Pilar . (2021) Does poverty promote a different and harmful way of thinking? The links between economic scarcity, concrete construal level and risk behaviors.  6.68 31