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Rovira, Antonio, Barbero, Rubén, Ortega, Guillermo, Subires, Antonio y Muñoz Domínguez, Marta . (2023) Towards high solar contribution in hybrid CSP-combined cycle gas turbine plants.  0.96 48 6
Gonçalves, Inês, Marquer, João, Silva, João, Teixeira, José, Alvelos, Filipe y Teixeira, Senhorinha(2022) .Influence of temperature on air runoff in the propagation of a forest fire. .En: Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. ()  0.85 142 43
Souza Almeida, Antonio Gabriel y Lima, Thais Martins da Silva(2022) .Exergy analysis of an absorption refrigeration system using pair working fluid water-ammonia. .En: Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. ()  0.84 158 87
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Montes, M.J., Abbas, Rubén, Barbero, Rubén y Rovira, Antonio . (2022) A new design of multi-tube receiver for Fresnel technology to increase the thermal performance.  0.67 29  
Reyes-Belmonte, Miguel Ángel, Guédez, Rafael y Montes, María José . (2021) Bibliometric Analysis on Supercritical CO2 Power Cycles for Concentrating Solar Power Applications.  0.67 253 122
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Linares, José Ignacio, Montes, María José, Cantizano, Alexis y Sánchez, Consuelo . (2020) A novel energy conversion system based on supercritical CO2 recompression Brayton power cycle for power tower concentrating solar plants.  0.63 229 109
Palacios-Lorenzo, María Esther y Marcos, José Daniel . (2024) Analysis of internal heat recovery capability in air-cooled indirect fired GAX-based absorption chiller in part-load operation.  0.62 34 11
Vega, J., Murari, A., Dormido Canto, Sebastián, Rattá, G. A., Gelfusa, M. y JET Contributors . (2022) Disruption prediction with artificial intelligence techniques in tokamak plasmas.  0.60 28 1
Godino-Ojer, M., Martín-Aranda, R.M., Maldonado-Hódar, F.J., Pérez-Cadenas, A. F. y Pérez-Mayoral, E. . (2018) Developing strategies for the preparation of Co-carbon catalysts involved in the free solvent selective synthesis of aza-heterocycles.  0.57 20  
Domingo, Rosario,, Agustina, Beatriz de y Marín, Marta M. . (2018) A Multi-Response Optimization of Thrust Forces, Torques, and the Power of Tapping Operations by Cooling Air in Reinforced and Unreinforced Polyamide PA66.  0.57 21 3
Montes, M.J., Guedez, R., Linares, J.I. y Reyes-Belmonte, M.A. . (2023) Advances in solar thermal power plants based on pressurised central receivers and supercritical power cycles.  0.57 42  
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Santiago, Rubén, Lemus, Jesús, Xiao Outomuro, Ana, Bedia, Jorge y Palomar, José . (2019) Assessment of Ionic Liquids as H2S Physical Absorbents by Thermodynamic and Kinetic Analysis based on Process Simulation.  0.50 34 18