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Sáez López, José Manuel, Román González, Marcos y Vázquez Cano, Esteban . (2016) Visual programming languages integrated across the curriculum in elementary school: A two year case study using “Scratch” in five schools.  1.18 184 1066
Sáez López, José Manuel, Miller, John, Vázquez Cano, Esteban and Domínguez Garrido, María Concepción . (2015) Exploring application, attitudes and integration of video games: MinecraftEdu in Middle School.  0.87 625 1113
Rosner, Daniel E. y Arias-Zugasti, Manuel . (2022) Multi-mechanism theory of aerosol capture by fibrous filters, including fiber diameter/orientation dispersity and particle morphology effects. Preliminary tests vs. data for mobility-selected submicron particles.  0.77 80 14