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Moreno, Eva M., Rodríguez-Fornells, Antoni y Laine, Matti . (2018) Event-related potentials (ERPs) in the study of bilingual language processing.  1.65 34  
Moreno, Eva M., Casado, Pilar y Martín-Loeches, Manuel . (2016) Tell me sweet little lies: An event-related potentials study on the processing of social lies.  1.28 36 8
José A. Hinojosa, Moreno, Eva M., Casado, Pilar, Muñoz, Francisco y Pozo, Miguel A. . (2005) Syntactic expectancy: an event-related potentials study.  1.14 35 3
Wicha, Nicole Y. Y., Moreno, Eva M. y Kutas, Marta . (2003) Expecting Gender: An Event Related Brain Potential Study on the Role of Grammatical Gender in Comprehending a Line Drawing Within a Written Sentence in Spanish.  1.14 28  
Rodríguez-Gómez, Pablo, Martín-Loeches, Manuel, Colmenares, Fernando y Romero Ferreiro, María-Verónica . (2020) He had it Comin’: ERPs Reveal a Facilitation for the Processing of Misfortunes to Antisocial Characters.  0.90 39 14
Rodríguez-Gómez, Pablo, Romero-Ferreiro, Verónica, Pozo, Miguel A., Hinojosa, José Antonio y Moreno, Eva M. . (2020) Facing stereotypes: ERP responses to male and female faces after gender-stereotyped statements.  0.89 39 11
Rodríguez-Gómez, Pablo, Rincón-Pérez, Irene, Santaniello, Gerardo, Poch, Claudia, Pozo, Miguel A., Hinojosa, José A. y Moreno, Eva M. . (2018) When logical conclusions go against beliefs: an ERP study.  0.85 44 9
Moreno, Eva M. y Kutas, Marta . (2005) Processing semantic anomalies in two languages: an electrophysiological exploration in both languages of Spanish–English bilinguals.  0.70 31 19
Moreno, Eva M. y Rivera, Irene C. . () Setbacks, pleasant surprises and the simply unexpected: brainwave responses in a language comprehension task.  0.70 31 12
Rodríguez-Gómez, Pablo, Pozo, Miguel Ángel, Hinojosa, José Antonio y Moreno, Eva M. . (2019) Please be logical, I am in a bad mood: An electrophysiological study of mood effects on reasoning.  0.70 41 10