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Lario, Javier, Zazo, Caridad y Goy, José Luis . (2016) Tectonic and morphosedimentary features of the 2010 Chile earthquake and tsunami in the Arauco Gulf and Mataquito River (Central Chile).  0.81 83 15
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Vott, Andreas, Bruins, Hendrik J., Gawehn, Matthijs, Goodman-Tchernov, Beverly N., Martini, Paolo Marco de, Kelletat, Dieter, Mastronuzzi, Giuseppe, Reicherter, Klaus, Robke, Bjorn R., Scheffers, Anja, Willershauser, Timo, Avramidis, Pavlos, Bellanova, Piero, Lario, Javier y et al. . (2018) Publicity waves based on manipulated geoscientific data suggesting climatic trigger for majority of tsunami findings in the Mediterranean.  0.53 150 36
Pérez-López, R., Martín-Velázquez, S., López-Gutiérrez, J., Lario, Javier, Silva, P.G., Rodríguez-Pascua, M.A. y Giner-Robles, J.L. . (2015) Paleoseismology, Quaternary slip-rate and heat flow of the Benis Fault (SE of Spain).  0.46 53 4
Leal, Miguel . (2006) Cinatii, Rambois e Pereira Câo e a pintura-decorativa do Palácio Angeje-Palmela no Paço do Lumiar.  0.46 426 991