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Roura‐Martínez, David, Ucha, Marcos, Orihuel, Javier y et al. . (2019) Central nucleus of the amygdala as a common substrate of the incubation of drug and natural reinforcer seeking.  3.11 23 7
Ucha, Marcos, Coria, Santiago M., Núñez, Adrián E. y et al. . (2019) Morphine self-administration alters the expression of translational machinery genes in the amygdala of male Lewis rats.  3.11 20 8
Orihuel, Javier, Capellán, Roberto, Ucha, Marcos y et al. . (2021) Δ 9-Tetrahydrocannabinol during adolescence reprograms the nucleus accumbens transcriptome, affecting reward processing, impulsivity, and specific aspects of cocaine addiction-like behavior in a sex-dependent manner.  3.08 30 7
Roura-Martínez, David, Díaz-Bejarano, Paula, Ucha, Marcos y et al. . (2020) Comparative analysis of the modulation of perineuronal nets in the prefrontal cortex of rats during protracted withdrawal from cocaine, heroin and sucrose self-administration.  2.46 30 15